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Bringing you the true essence of Latin America and helping you save on travel.

By Founder Helen Pink

Buscar travel was born out of a passion for Latin America and a frustration of having to search many websites in order to fulfill my travel needs. As an independent time precious person I wanted to go to one site that I could trust, that would accommodate all aspects of travel. Hopefully this site will achieve that goal in time.

Travel starts off with an idea, a dream. Our travel inspiration page will hopefully wet the appetite and give you some ideas of future destinations. Focused on Latin America it expresses the feeling and diversity of these beautiful countries.

Our global travel search engines use the latest technology making it easy to search for accommodation, flight, car rentals and activity options. In other areas we have partnered with the very best travel companies to cover all aspects of travel. These search engines compare hundreds of booking agencies to bring you the very best options and prices. They are unbiased and free to use helping you save time and make travel planning an enjoyable experience.

When travelling as a tourist, I’ve always felt one only scratches the surface of a country and rarely experiences the true essence that one feels when you are a local. Having spent years living in many countries I wanted to bridge that gap, to bring people the hidden secrets of places that only locals know – hence the start of our travel guides, which will be coming soon. All written by locals they show you the best places to see and their favourite hidden gems to bring you closer to experiencing the true essence of their country.

I hope this site can be helpful to you in accomplishing your travels. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on this site please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. In time, our goals for this site include:

  • Travel Inspiration

  • Travel Guides

  • Travel Advice

  • Travel Tips

  • Full Travel Booking

“Why the name Buscar Travel? – Buscar Travel is a Spanglish term. Spanglish is spoken by Latin Americans throughout the world and is half Spanish, half English. Buscar is a Spanish term meaning to Search, hence Buscar Travel.”

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We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in travel.

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